Microsoft has been working on folding Windows laptops for some years now, but very few devices managed to make it to market.

Now the Redmond company is readying another push, and today Chinse component suppliers have leaked some details on HP’s version of a folding Windows laptop.

LG Display will be delivering the flexible screens for the device, with reportedly around 10,000 being on order.

The screens will have a 4K (3840×2160) resolution, with a 17-inch in size when unfolded and 11-inch when folded.

The screens will feature a transparent polyimide film developed by SK IE Technology. The plastic screens were last seen on China’s Royole back in 2020, and while not as clear as ultra-thin glass, are half the price.

HP’s device featuring the screen is expected to debut late this year or early next year at CES 2023.