Microsoft has a fresh development in digital image creation called “Restyle Image,” found within Microsoft Designer. This new tool uses AI to let users easily convert regular photos into attractive artworks, offering different styles like pop art or stylized 3D.

Microsoft Designer, which is already liked as a graphic design app, has added more creative power with Restyle Image. This new feature uses AI to make many artistic versions of photos users upload. They can then select the style that matches their idea best.

Restyle Image is useful for creating different avatars on social media account, improving visuals in blogs, and giving life to materials in education.

Key Features and Benefits:

Different Types of Art: Pick from various styles such as pop art, flat illustration, papercraft and other types.

Customizable Prompts: Guide the AI’s creative process by adding specific descriptions and keywords.

User-Friendly Inclusion: Utilize a Microsoft account to access Restyle Image directly from the Microsoft Designer home screen.

Varying Results: You may produce one, two, three or four choices for each uploaded picture.

Edit and Download: Further refine generated images or directly download them for use.

Restyle Image is available only in English for now. Microsoft has plans to add additional language support in the future. They are also aware of the limitations that exist and are working on solutions for them like tackling occasional misspelling in the generated images.