Microsoft Windows 11 SMB

Microsoft started disabling SMB1 in Windows starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Windows 10 Home and Pro editions still had SMB1 enabled to allow users to connect to consumer and small business third-party NAS devices that only supported SMB1. From Windows 10 version 1809, Microsoft stopped installing SMB1 client in Pro editions.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that SMB1 is now disabled by default in any variant of Windows 11 Insider build Home Edition. With the next major Windows 11 release, SMB1 will be disabled by default in all Windows editions. It is important to note that this change will not affect in-place upgrades of machines that already have SMB1 enabled.

Microsoft also announced that it has plans to remove the SMB1 binaries in a future Windows 11 release. Windows and Windows Server will no longer include the drivers and DLLs of SMB1. However, customers will be able to download and install SMB1 through a separate installer.