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Inside Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23565: What’s New and What to Expect

Celebrating 9 Years of Windows Insider Program

On October 11, 2023, Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23565 to the Dev Channel, marking yet another milestone in the company’s ever-evolving operating system. This release comes as the Windows Insider Program celebrates its 9-year anniversary, and Microsoft is commemorating the occasion by offering special desktop backgrounds for Insiders to download. Let’s dive into what this new build brings to the table.

Aesthetics: New Icons and Themes

Among the first changes users will notice is the new icon for Copilot in Windows, displayed prominently on the taskbar. Additionally, to celebrate the 9-year anniversary of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft is releasing two special desktop backgrounds in both light and dark themes.

Feature Changes: Spotlight on Windows Spotlight

Windows Spotlight, which was previously more mobile-focused, is now being tested on the desktop. Microsoft is enabling it by default as the background for upgrades where Insiders are using one of the inbox default desktop backgrounds. This feature is being rolled out to a limited number of Insiders initially.

Fixes: File Explorer Gets More Reliable

Microsoft has made several fixes targeting File Explorer. Issues affecting its reliability have been addressed. For OneDrive users who were experiencing window hangs, an underlying issue has been fixed. Furthermore, the Gallery will now show a loading state if there are many images to load, instead of giving the impression that it is empty.

Known Issues: Room for Improvement

Like any new software update, this build comes with its own set of known issues. For example, some apps under the “All apps” category on the Start menu, such as PWA apps installed via Microsoft Edge, may be incorrectly labeled as a system component. Also, users might notice that Copilot in Windows has disappeared from the taskbar, especially those who are on the Home edition of Windows 11 Insider Preview builds in select global markets.

Developer Updates: NuGet Packages and SDKs

For the developers out there, the latest Windows Insider SDK can be downloaded, offering packages for .NET TFM, C++, and BuildTools, among others. These NuGet packages aim to provide more granular access to the SDK and better integration in CI/CD pipelines. Developers are encouraged to use feature detection over OS version checks for better compatibility.

About the Dev Channel: A Testing Ground for New Ideas

It’s important to remember that the Dev Channel receives builds that are experimental in nature. These builds may include features that might never be released to the general public. The Dev Channel has been rebooted, and those who were in the 25000 series builds have been moved to the new Canary Channel. Those who wish to return to the Dev Channel can follow the instructions provided by Microsoft for a clean installation of Windows 11.

Final Thoughts: A Step Towards a More Refined User Experience

Microsoft continues to fine-tune Windows 11 with the release of Insider Preview Build 23565. From aesthetic tweaks to functional improvements, this build aims to enhance the user experience, all while allowing for a wider testing ground for new features and fixes. As Microsoft gathers more feedback, we can expect further refinements in future builds.

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