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Apple’s Wallet Gains New Feature for Discover Card Owners

Apple Wallet's Evolution

Apple Wallet has long been a hub for Apple users, enabling them to carry everything from credit cards to boarding passes digitally. With each new update, Apple has been adding more features to make this app an indispensable part of the iOS ecosystem. Now, Apple Wallet is taking another significant leap by integrating balances and transaction history for Discover US credit cards.

Integration Details: What’s New?

The update, which is part of the just-released iOS 17.1 developer beta 3, allows Discover credit card users to view their card’s balance and transaction history directly within the Apple Wallet app. When users tap on a transaction, it deep-links into the Discover app or website, where they can take further action, such as reviewing details or making payments.

Unlike the UK, where Apple Wallet supports the Connected Cards feature through a standardized Open Banking API, no such API exists in the United States. Apple has therefore specifically partnered with Discover to make this feature available for Discover US credit cards. There’s currently no word on whether this feature will extend to other U.S. banks in the future.

User Experience: Opting-in is Easy

To use this new feature, you’ll need to be running the iOS 17.1 beta and have a Discover credit card added to the Wallet app. The process to activate this feature is straightforward. Simply tap on the Discover card within the Wallet app and follow the prompts to opt-in and authenticate securely with Discover. Once set up, your card’s balance will be visible in the Wallet app and will also be displayed on the Apple Pay sheet at the time of making a purchase.

Privacy First: A Standard Apple Approach

In keeping with Apple’s usual privacy standards, any data fetched through the Connected Cards feature remains on the device and is not shared with Apple. This ensures that users can enjoy the convenience of quick access to their financial information without sacrificing privacy.

A Glimpse into the Future?

This development comes after Apple Wallet’s groundbreaking integration in the United Kingdom, where the app displays the user’s current bank account balance through the country’s Open Banking API. This UK feature aims to enhance financial awareness by helping users decide whether they can responsibly afford a purchase when using Apple Pay.

Though the U.S. lacks a standardized open banking system like the UK, Apple’s partnership with Discover might indicate a step toward providing similar functionalities to U.S. users. It sets a precedent that could lead to broader financial service integrations in Apple Wallet, depending on partnerships with other U.S. financial institutions.

Final Considerations: More Than Just a Digital Wallet

Apple Wallet is gradually evolving from a simple digital wallet into a more comprehensive financial management tool. The new integration with Discover credit cards not only adds convenience but also brings a layer of financial awareness to the app, making it an even more integral part of Apple users’ daily lives.

As the boundaries between technology and finance continue to blur, features like these anticipate a future where managing your finances could be as simple as pulling out your smartphone. And with Apple’s commitment to user privacy, this future looks to be not just convenient but also secure.

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