The Windows Insider team has just released the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25967 to the Canary Channel. This new build introduces several notable features, improvements, and fixes, aiming to enhance the overall user experience on Windows 11. Let’s dive into the details to see what Microsoft has in store for us.

New Settings Homepage

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this new build is the revamped Settings homepage. It now offers a dynamic and personalized experience, providing a quick overview of your device, easy access to key settings, and simplified Microsoft account management.

The new homepage comes with interactive cards grouped by commonly accessed functions:

  • Recommended Settings: Adapted to your specific usage patterns, this card aims to make settings management more efficient.
  • Cloud Storage: This card shows your cloud storage usage and alerts you when you’re nearing capacity.
  • Account Recovery: Designed to enhance security, it helps you add recovery information to your Microsoft account.
  • Personalization: Offers one-click access to update your background theme or color mode.
  • Microsoft 365 and Xbox: These cards provide a snapshot of your subscription status and allow for quick management right from the Settings app.
  • Bluetooth Devices: This card has been brought to the forefront to simplify Bluetooth device management.

Changes and Improvements


  • The Cortana app has been removed, marking the end of support for Cortana.

Quick Settings

  • A scrollable view of quick settings is being tested, making it easier to access and rearrange quick actions without editing the list.

A scrollable view of quick settings.


  • System Components have been moved to its own page under Settings > System, making it easier to manage integral parts of the system.

New System Components Settings page.

  • The Xbox Game Bar has been renamed to simply Game Bar under Settings > Gaming.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

  • The September 2023 update for WSL includes networking improvements, offering enhanced performance for Linux users on Windows.


  • Several important fixes have been included, such as resolving issues with bugchecks (green screens) during shutdowns and logouts, addressing a white flash in File Explorer in dark mode, and several others aimed at improving the File Explorer performance.

Known Issues

  • There are a few known issues, including problems with the print queue and game compatibility issues on the Canary Channel.

Microsoft Store Update

  • A visual refresh of Windows license pages in the Microsoft Store has been rolled out, aiming to make it easier for users to choose the right Windows edition for their needs.

Redesigned Windows license page in the Microsoft Store.

For Developers

  • The latest Windows Insider SDK is now available, providing more granular access to the SDK and better integration in CI/CD pipelines.

Canary Channel: What to Expect

The Canary Channel is where Microsoft tests new features that may require a longer lead time before being rolled out to the general public. It’s worth noting that not all features tested here will make it to the final release, and these builds may include major issues that could affect the usability of your PC.

Final Thoughts

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25967 brings a series of exciting new features and improvements, although it’s crucial to remember that this is still a preview build and may contain bugs. If you’re interested in testing these new features and are aware of the risks involved, this build provides a glimpse into the future of Windows 11.