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Here is When Wear OS 4 is Coming to the Original Google Pixel Watch

Good news for Pixel Watch enthusiasts! Google has officially announced that the original Pixel Watch, released in 2022, will be getting the much-anticipated Wear OS 4 update later this year. This comes on the heels of the unveiling of the Pixel Watch 2, which comes pre-installed with Wear OS 4. Let’s dive into what this new update means for Pixel Watch users and the new features they can expect.

Pixel Watch 2 and Wear OS 4

The Google Pixel Watch 2, announced at the recent Made by Google event, will ship with Wear OS 4, offering a slew of new features and improvements. This means that if you’re planning to upgrade to the Pixel Watch 2, you’ll experience the capabilities of Wear OS 4 right out of the box.

Coming Soon to the Original Pixel Watch

Owners of the original Pixel Watch won’t be left behind. Google has confirmed that the first-gen Pixel Watch will receive a system update to Wear OS 4 later this year. If you still own and love your original Pixel Watch, this update will breathe new life into your device.

What’s New in Wear OS 4

Wear OS 4 is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, with several new features and improvements that enhance the overall user experience:

  • New Apps: Gmail and Google Calendar are now directly accessible from your wrist, providing you with a seamless way to manage your schedule and email.
  • Improved Battery Life: Thanks to optimizations from Google and Samsung, expect to see enhanced battery performance on your Pixel Watch.
  • Voice Communication: Enhanced text-to-speech support makes it easier than ever to communicate using your voice.
  • Seamless Data Transfer: A new backup-and-restore tool simplifies the process of switching between different Wear OS watches.
  • Automated Permissions: The new permissions system automatically grants permissions approved on your phone to the corresponding watch apps.
  • Google Home Integration: Better integration with Google Home devices enables you to control your smart home directly from your wrist.
  • Customizable Watch Faces: A new Watch Face Format enables developers to easily create watch faces, offering more customization options for users.

Developer Readiness

Wear OS 4 is built on Android 13, which is several versions newer than the Android 11 build used on Wear OS 3. Developers are advised to update their apps to ensure compatibility with Android 12 and 13. Google has also released updated system images for Wear OS emulators to assist in app testing.

Changes in Update Schedule

It’s worth noting that Google has decided to move away from releasing Android updates on the first Monday of every month. This change aims to ensure higher quality and better-tested updates, released when they are ready rather than being pushed to meet a specific deadline.

Why This Matters

The update to Wear OS 4 signifies Google’s commitment to providing a robust and feature-rich wearable experience. For Pixel Watch users, this update means access to the latest innovations in smartwatch technology, ensuring their device remains current and capable for the foreseeable future.


Whether you’re planning to get the new Pixel Watch 2 or sticking with your original Pixel Watch, Wear OS 4 promises a host of features that enhance usability, performance, and customization. Keep an eye out for the system update later this year and get ready to experience the best that Google’s wearable tech has to offer.

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