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Spotify Premium Subscribers: Get Your Free Audiobooks Now!

A New Chapter in Spotify's Audio Offerings

Spotify Audiobooks

Ever since Spotify announced the availability of audiobooks last year, users in various English-speaking countries have been soaking up the narrative worlds spun by their favorite authors. Now, Spotify is turning the page on a new chapter of its audiobook journey by making a whopping 150,000 audiobooks available to its Premium subscribers.

What’s in it for Premium Subscribers?

Starting now, Spotify Premium individual account holders, as well as plan managers for Family and Duo accounts, will receive 15 hours of listening per month. This allocation allows users to dive into as many titles as they want within that timeframe.

This addition enhances the value proposition of Spotify Premium, which already offers an on-demand catalog of more than 100 million tracks and 5 million podcasts. Premium users in the U.K. and Australia can start enjoying this feature immediately, with the U.S. to follow later this year.

A One-Stop Destination for All Things Audio

By combining personalized music, podcasts, and now audiobooks on a single platform, Spotify is aiming to become your go-to app for all audio needs. The platform allows you to not only engage with the works of your favorite authors but also to delve deeper into these narratives through podcasts that dissect the minutiae of these stories—all without ever leaving the app.

How to Access and Enjoy Audiobooks on Spotify

Finding Your Next Audiobook

To find audiobooks on Spotify Premium, look for books marked “Included in Premium.” Their catalog, which is one of the largest among subscription-based audiobook platforms, boasts upwards of 70% of bestselling books. Titles come from major publishers like Hachette, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan, and Penguin Random House, among others.

Listening Your Way

With 15 hours of free listening each month, you have the freedom to explore multiple titles or stick with a single book from start to finish. If you find yourself running out of listening hours before the month is over, Spotify offers a 10-hour top-up option. You can check your remaining hours at any time within the app settings.

Take Your Audiobooks on the Go

Spotify’s audiobook feature is available on over 2,000 devices from more than 200 brands, allowing you to enjoy audiobooks wherever you go. And yes, offline listening is available for Premium audiobook users.

Smart Features for a Better Listening Experience

Spotify has incorporated an automatic bookmarking feature that saves your place in the audiobook, so you can easily resume where you left off. Additionally, the platform has a “end of chapter” feature within the Spotify Sleep Timer, allowing you to fall asleep to your favorite stories without losing your place.

The Competitive Landscape: Taking on Audible

With this move, Spotify is directly challenging Audible’s dominance in the audiobook sector. Unlike Audible, which operates on a separate subscription model, Spotify is offering audiobooks as part of its existing Premium service, thereby providing more value to its users. This could be a win-win both for Spotify and for publishers, especially as compensation models are being discussed based on the time users spend listening to books.

Final Takeaway: A Growing Market and a Bold Move by Spotify

The global audiobook market was valued at $2.67 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. Spotify’s entry into this space could well be a game-changer, providing a fresh, competitive alternative to platforms like Audible. So, whether you’re running errands, doing chores, or simply relaxing, it’s time to get lost in a new world of audiobooks, courtesy of Spotify Premium.

Stay tuned as Spotify continues to redefine the audiobook landscape, one chapter at a time.

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