Google Home is taking smart home automation to the next level with its new feature called “Help me script.” This experimental tool aims to make the creation of custom Routines simpler, even for those who have little to no experience with coding. By harnessing the power of generative AI, “Help me script” will generate the necessary code based on a user’s natural language input, making it easier than ever to create advanced automations.

A New Chapter in Home Automation

Up until now, creating advanced Google Home Routines involved using the script editor, a feature that allowed users to write and edit code for custom automations. While this has been a playground for those with coding experience, it was daunting for others. The introduction of “Help me script” seeks to bridge this gap.

How Does it Work?

To get started, users will need to log into their Google Home account via Google Home for web. Once the script editor is open, the user can describe what they want to happen in natural language. For instance, you can specify that you’d like to turn on the porch light and make an announcement if your outdoor camera detects someone after dark. Generative AI takes over from there, translating your requirements into code. This code can then be copied, pasted, and activated within the script editor. If you need to tweak your automation later, you’re free to modify the generated code.

Examples to Spark Your Imagination

Imagine having your smart home set up in such a way that when your security camera detects a package delivery, an announcement is made through your smart speaker. Or consider a scenario where the smoke alarm triggers all the lights in the house to flash while an emergency announcement is made over the speakers. All of this becomes easily achievable with “Help me script.”

An Ever-Evolving Feature

Because the feature is powered by a large language model, it’s designed to continuously learn and improve. This means that over time, “Help me script” will generate more accurate and personalized scripts, thereby enhancing user experience and the level of customization one can achieve.

Coming Soon to Public Preview

The “Help me script” feature is slated for Public Preview later this year. Google encourages users to keep an eye out for updates on the Home Automation forum and to join the Nest Community for the latest news on Nest products. User feedback will be invaluable in refining this feature, so Google urges everyone to share their experiences directly on Google Home for web.

The Bigger Picture

By simplifying the process of creating custom Routines, Google Home is not just making smart home automation more accessible; it’s also setting the stage for a future where the possibilities are limited only by our imagination. Whether you’re a coding expert or a complete novice, “Help me script” promises to be a game-changer in how we interact with and control our smart homes.