Just a month after a significant redesign, Fitbit’s Android app is receiving another update, bringing some intriguing features to the table. The new version 4.01 introduces a live wallpaper for daily steps and an updated Material You widget, among other changes. These additions are expected to provide a more interactive and visually pleasing user experience, making the Fitbit app an even more integral part of your fitness journey.

Say Hello to the “Fitbit Steps Widget”

The new update replaces the old “Fitbit Primary Goal Widget” with a new “Fitbit Steps Widget,” designed with a speed dial layout similar to the updated Wear OS Tile on Google’s Pixel Watch. What’s noteworthy is that the step count now resides within the dial, rather than below it. This change not only adds aesthetic appeal but also aligns the app’s look and feel across different platforms.

Introducing Live Wallpapers

For those who need that extra nudge to hit their daily step goals, the Fitbit app now comes with a live wallpaper feature. Named “Fitbit Steps Wallpaper,” it features a portrait-oriented, pill-shaped ring that fills in clockwise from the six o’clock position to indicate your daily steps progress. To set this as your wallpaper on Pixel devices, you simply need to navigate to ‘Wallpaper & style’, scroll to the albums page, and select the new “Live wallpapers” folder.

Incomplete Makeover

While the “Activity” section received a facelift, other stat screens like sleep duration, health metrics, heart rate, and stress management remain untouched. The disparity between the new and old UI layouts can be jarring for users. Additionally, the app still lacks a dark theme option, which many users have been clamoring for.

More Than Just an Accessory

The Fitbit app has evolved from being merely an accessory to your Fitbit wearable. As it stands, the app now offers comprehensive features that make it a standalone fitness companion. With the recent redesign, the app also allows users without a Fitbit device to track activities like walking, running, or hiking using just their smartphones.

Privacy and Control

One of the notable features of the app is its focus on data privacy. Fitbit, now a part of Google, has integrated Google’s industry-leading privacy features, allowing users to review and control what’s saved and shared right from the app.

A Step into the Future

The latest update is yet another stride in Fitbit’s ongoing mission to make the world healthier. It enriches the user experience by offering interactive features that not only look good but also motivate users to stay active. With these new additions, the Fitbit app sets the stage for a more comprehensive, visually appealing, and interactive fitness tracking experience.

The Road Ahead

While the update is rolling out via the Google Play Store, it’s not yet widely available to all users. But given the pace of Fitbit’s recent updates, it’s only a matter of time before these new features become standard.

So, why wait? Keep an eye out for the update and step into a new era of fitness tracking, whether or not you own a Fitbit device.