Tesla’s ever-evolving line-up has received another update, this time focusing on the Model Y, and specifically targeting the Chinese market. Announced via a WeChat post, the new Model Y features several design and performance tweaks while maintaining the same starting price as its predecessor. This comes on the heels of Tesla’s recent “Highland” Model 3 refresh in China, which also made its way to Europe last month.

Performance Enhancements

According to Tesla’s Chinese website, the updated Model Y now boasts a 0–100km/h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds. This is a slight improvement over the previous version, as noted by Bloomberg. While the change may seem minimal, it showcases Tesla’s commitment to continually refine the driving experience of its vehicles.

Spotlight on Ambient Lighting

One of the most eye-catching features in the new Model Y is the addition of an ambient LED lighting strip in the dashboard. This inclusion aligns the Model Y with the recently refreshed Model 3, which also features a similar ambient lighting strip. The soft glow from the LED strip not only adds a touch of luxury but also enhances the overall ambiance inside the car. While Tesla has not released any information about customizable lighting options, the feature itself is a welcome addition for those who appreciate finer details in their vehicles.

New Wheels on the Block

The revamped Model Y sports new wheels, although Tesla has not specified the design or size in their announcement. Given the updates to the Model 3, which included new alloy wheels aimed at improving range and reducing driving noise, it’s likely that the Model Y’s new wheels will offer similar advantages.

Pricing and Availability

The starting price for the updated Model Y in China is 263,900 yuan (about $37,000). Tesla also offers a long-range version for 299,900 yuan (about $42,000) and a high-performance version for 349,900 yuan (about $49,000). As of now, Tesla has not announced when these updates will make their way to the U.S. market.

A Look Back at Model 3 Improvements

It’s worth noting that the Model Y’s updates seem to follow in the footsteps of the Model 3 Highland refresh, which was a major overhaul launched in 2023. The Model 3 received a new aerodynamic front end, horizontal headlights, new wheel designs, and a series of interior upgrades like a new center console, and also an ambient lighting strip.

What’s Next for Tesla?

Given the constant iteration Tesla applies to its vehicles, these new features for the Model Y are likely just the beginning. Frequent updates, both hardware and software, have become a hallmark of the brand. The Model Y updates, especially the ambient lighting, may serve as a testing ground for even more advanced features in the future.

While these updates are currently limited to China, they offer a glimpse into what could soon be standard features in Tesla models worldwide.