Just when you thought Apple had reached the pinnacle of design innovation with its iPhone 15 series, fresh leaks about the iPhone 16 series suggest otherwise. While the iPhone 15 made headlines for introducing an Action Button and USB-C ports, it appears that the iPhone 16 might be a game-changer in its own right. Leaks from MacRumors hint at the introduction of a new capacitive ‘Capture Button’, as well as significant changes in display sizes for the Pro line. Let’s delve into what we can possibly expect from the next iteration of Apple’s flagship device.

The Journey from Action to Capture Button

Project “Atlas”

The iPhone 15 Pro series was notable for its Action Button. However, in a project codenamed “Atlas,” Apple seems to be planning to make this button capacitive and flush with the side frame surface. This could either be a step towards a future button-less, port-less iPhone or a unique feature to set the iPhone 16 apart from its predecessor and competitors.

Project “Nova”

Internally known as “Project Nova,” the Capture Button is expected to occupy the space where the power key currently resides. Unlike traditional mechanical buttons, this capacitive button won’t move when pressed. It will detect pressure and provide haptic feedback instead, similar to how the Home Button on the iPhone SE works.

Plan B and the Legacy of “Bongo”

Apple’s earlier attempt at capacitive buttons, codenamed “Bongo,” was reportedly abandoned due to unsatisfactory results during the EVT stage of development. However, the company has a Plan B for the iPhone 16, should the new Capture and Action buttons fail to meet their ergonomic and functional standards.

Bigger Display Sizes for the Pro Line

The Tetraprism Dilemma

Apple’s rumored Tetraprism 5x optical zoom camera kit for the iPhone 16 Pro necessitates a larger internal space. To accommodate this, leaks suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro’s screen size will be bumped up to 6.3 inches from the current 6.1-inch panel.

Pro Max Gets Maxed Out

To maintain a distinct size difference between the Pro and Pro Max models, Apple is rumored to be increasing the Pro Max display size to a whopping 6.9 inches.

Camera Arrangements and Other Features

The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are expected to feature a vertical camera arrangement, a style last seen on the cheaper iPhone 12 models. The Pro models, on the other hand, will likely have larger displays and capacitive Action Buttons, known internally as “Project Atlas.”

Wrapping Up: What to Expect

While these are all pre-production rumors, they point to a potentially drastic design shift for the iPhone 16 series. From capacitive buttons to larger displays, Apple seems to be making significant changes that could redefine what users expect from a flagship phone. However, it’s worth noting that these features are still in the prototype stage, and we might see some changes before the final product is unveiled.

Keep an eye out for more updates as we get closer to the official announcement, and as always, take these rumors with a grain of salt.