Microsoft Forms, a staple in the suite of Microsoft 365 tools, has recently announced a series of updates that significantly enhance its real-time feedback capabilities. The announcement was made by Aaron Liu, a Product Manager on the Forms team, and these upgrades aim to further elevate user engagement during live presentations. Let’s delve into the features that are set to redefine how feedback is collected and analyzed in real-time.

Enhanced Real-Time Feedback Mechanism

Microsoft Forms’ live feedback feature has already garnered popularity since its introduction earlier this year. It serves as a pivotal tool that enhances interaction between presenters and their audience. The feature has undergone a series of refinements to make it even more effective and user-friendly.

Fresh Design Style for Better Visibility

Slide in PowerPoint containing quiz

One of the notable upgrades is the additional space added to the forms and quizzes. This change aims to make content more readable and scannable, ensuring that any images included are fully visible without being cut off or cropped.

New Views for Data Analysis

Animation showing how to switch between treemap and bar views

Microsoft has introduced the “Treemap” view that dynamically displays the most and least popular answers in real-time as the attendees respond to the questions. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you can easily switch to the conventional bar view with just a click.

Quick Identification of Popular Responses

Animation showing gathering free-form typed responses on a slide

When it comes to text-based, open-ended questions, Microsoft Forms now offers a word cloud feature. This allows presenters to quickly gauge the most frequently occurring responses. For those interested in diving deeper into the data, a detailed responses view is also available.

Flexibility with QR Codes

Animation how to show or hide a QR Code on a slide

The update brings more control over the display of QR codes and URLs for the forms or quizzes. Presenters can now opt to either show or hide the QR code depending on whether they want to continue receiving responses or use that space for additional content.

Full-Screen Mode for Undivided Attention

Animation showing to display a form in full screen mode

A full-screen mode has also been rolled out, where only the question will be displayed on the screen. Additional elements like the title bar and feedback button are hidden in this mode, allowing for an immersive presentation experience.

Availability and Feedback

All these features are available to Business and Education subscribers of Microsoft 365. The Forms team is open to feedback and has provided an email address,, for users to share their experiences and suggestions.

The Versatility of Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is more than just a feedback tool; it’s a versatile platform that can be used to create various types of forms, quizzes, and surveys. Integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, it offers a seamless experience that allows for collaboration and access to forms from virtually anywhere. From community volunteer registration to employee satisfaction surveys, the application’s scope is broad, making it a valuable asset for individuals, organizations, and educational institutions alike.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Forms continues to evolve, offering increasingly sophisticated tools for real-time data collection and analysis. These new features are aimed at providing a more dynamic and engaging experience for both presenters and audiences alike. As more organizations adopt real-time feedback mechanisms for their interactive sessions, these upgrades place Microsoft Forms as a frontrunner in this domain.