Apple’s iPhone SE series has carved out a unique space in the smartphone market, offering many of the company’s top-tier features at an affordable price. According to a recent MacRumors report, the fourth-generation iPhone SE, codenamed “Ghost,” is set to bring a host of significant upgrades in both design and hardware. Here’s a deep dive into what we can expect from this exciting new iteration.

Design Overhaul: Meet the New Chassis

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to inherit much of its design from the iPhone 14 base model. The device will utilize a modified iPhone 14 chassis and maintain the same test parameters for internal testing. However, there will be some notable differences:

  • Action Button: Borrowed from the iPhone 15 Pro, the new Action button will replace the mute switch and can be customized to perform various functions based on user preference.
  • USB-C Port: In compliance with upcoming European Union regulations, the iPhone SE 4 will feature a USB-C port, internally referred to as the E85 connector.

Camera Capabilities: A Step Up

While the rear camera layout will resemble that of the third-generation iPhone SE, the fourth-generation model might pack a significant punch with a 48-megapixel rear camera. The camera bump’s exact design is still under wraps, but Apple is reportedly considering two major categories:

  1. A single, oblong-shaped camera bump encompassing both the camera and flash.
  2. Only the camera ring raised from the main backplate surface.

Display and Biometrics: OLED and Face ID

The iPhone SE 4 is likely to feature a new OLED panel derived from the iPhone 14. It will also shift from the traditional Touch ID home button to Face ID for biometric identification, in line with more recent iPhone models.

Connectivity: A Testing Ground for 5G

Apple is using the iPhone SE 4 to test its new in-house 5G modem, codenamed “Sinope.” Originally intended to debut with the iPhone 16 lineup, this modem’s timeline may have changed, especially considering Qualcomm’s recent announcement of providing smartphone modems for Apple until 2026.

Production Intent: More Than Just a Test Device

Contrary to some speculations that the iPhone SE 4 was being developed solely for modem testing, the extent of design work—ranging from the new Action button to multiple camera bump designs—suggests otherwise. It appears that Apple intends for the device to be more than just a test unit, potentially aiming for a full public release.

Closing Thoughts: A Promising Upgrade

While the information available is still preliminary, the iPhone SE 4 is shaping up to be a compelling update in Apple’s budget-friendly lineup. With design features trickling down from higher-end models and substantial upgrades in camera and connectivity, this could be the iPhone SE that many have been waiting for. However, as the device is still early in its development stage, some details may change before its official release. Regardless, the iPhone SE 4 is certainly a device to keep an eye on.