Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed that he had driven a special “Performance” version of the Cybertruck, stating that it “kicks ass next-level.” While Tesla enthusiasts have been eager to hear more about the various configurations that the upcoming electric pickup will offer, Musk’s latest announcement hints at an upgraded trim that will sit alongside the existing Performance trims for the Model 3 and Model Y.

The Naming Convention Continues

Tesla already offers “Performance” trims for its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, and “Plaid” trims for the Model S and X as their top-tier options. With Musk’s latest comment, it appears that the Cybertruck is set to follow in these footsteps by including a Performance version. The tweet came as a response to a previous interview where Musk clarified that a Plaid Model 3 would not be coming to market.

The Motor Mystery

While the news has created much excitement, it has also led to questions about the Performance Cybertruck’s motor configurations. When Tesla initially unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, it was revealed with three motor options: single-motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor. Furthermore, in 2021, Musk mentioned the introduction of a quad-motor configuration. Whether all these options will make it to the market remains unclear.

Production and Regulatory Hurdles

Although Tesla is planning initial Cybertruck deliveries for later this year, volume production is not expected to commence until next year. The automaker is still waiting for a Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and crash testing results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Unprecedented Demand: Two Million Reservations and Counting

Musk’s announcement comes at a time when the Cybertruck’s demand seems to be skyrocketing. Despite its polarizing design, the vehicle has amassed over two million reservations. If even a fraction of these reservations convert into sales, the Cybertruck could become one of the best-selling pickups, electric or otherwise.

The Road to Delivery: What’s Next?

Tesla has yet to release official specs, configurations, or pricing details for the Cybertruck. An earlier discussion by Musk about a delivery event for the Cybertruck also awaits confirmation. The next few months could be critical for Tesla, as any new announcements could influence the already impressive number of reservations.

Final Thoughts: A New Benchmark in Electric Pickups?

Elon Musk’s confirmation of a Performance Cybertruck has added another layer of intrigue to an already captivating vehicle. While questions about its configurations and features remain, what is certain is that Tesla is pushing the envelope in the electric pickup market. As the automaker prepares to release more details, the Performance Cybertruck could very well set a new benchmark for what electric pickups are capable of achieving.