Microsoft’s Edge browser is no longer just a tool for browsing the web; it’s evolving into an AI-powered hub designed to help you accomplish more than ever before. From making online shopping more straightforward to automating mundane tasks, the new AI features in Edge promise a smarter browsing experience. Let’s dive into how these innovations can improve your daily digital life.

Shop Smarter with Copilot in Microsoft Shopping

Edge has been offering shopping features for the past two and a half years, including price history, price comparison, and built-in coupons to help you snag the best deals. The new AI-powered personal shopper, Copilot, takes this a step further. Copilot engages you with intelligent questions to help narrow down your product choices. Soon, you’ll be able to snap a picture of a product, and Copilot will guide you to the right match. So whether you’re shopping from a mobile or a desktop device, Copilot ensures you get the best deals efficiently.

Boost Your Productivity with AI

The holiday season can often mean a longer to-do list. Edge is rolling out AI-powered features to help you navigate this busy period more effectively. One of the more exciting features is the ability to draft emails directly within Edge. Just ask Copilot to send an email, and it will draft the note in Outlook for you—all you have to do is review and hit send.

Write Better with Inline Compose

Struggling with the right words for your blog post? Edge has got you covered. The new Inline Compose feature in Copilot can help you improve your writing on the fly. Simply highlight any text you’re not happy with, and use the Rewrite menu to adjust the tone or extend the content. This AI-assisted writing tool could become an invaluable asset for bloggers, writers, and professionals alike.

Organize Your Tabs Efficiently

We all know how quickly tabs can accumulate during a busy day, leaving your browser—and your mind—cluttered. Edge’s new Tab Auto-grouping feature uses AI to categorize your tabs based on topics or categories. This intelligent organization helps you navigate your tasks more efficiently, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Bing Chat Enterprise: Empowering Organizations Safely

Bing Chat Enterprise in Edge

For business users, Bing Chat Enterprise is now available on the Edge mobile app. This feature allows you to draft formal business proposals or any other confidential content securely and efficiently. This is particularly useful for professionals who are always on the go and need to meet deadlines without compromising on data security.

More to Explore

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI-powered features in Edge. The browser also offers smart find, website typo protection, and an integrated AI-powered graphic design app called Designer. These intelligent features aim to make your browsing experience not just easier, but smarter.

Navigating the Future

Microsoft’s Edge browser is clearly set on redefining what a browser can do. With its AI-powered features, Edge is shaping up to be an essential tool for both individual users and organizations. If you haven’t tried it yet, Edge comes pre-installed on Windows PCs, and it’s also available for macOS, mobile, and Linux devices. So go ahead and explore these AI features to discover how they can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.