Microsoft is pushing the envelope with its latest Windows 11 update, Build 22621.2361, released to Insiders in the Release Preview Channel. This update comes with a slew of enhancements and new features, including the much-anticipated Copilot in Windows (currently in preview), a revamped File Explorer, and several other improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience. Let’s delve into the details of this update and its implications for Windows users.

Copilot in Windows: A Preview Rollout

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of Copilot in Windows. Although currently in preview, Copilot aims to redefine user interaction with the operating system. Microsoft plans to release this feature to a select set of global markets initially, with broader availability expected over time.

Modernized File Explorer: A Fresh Look

The File Explorer is getting a modernized revamp in this update. Although specifics are yet to be revealed, the refresh could involve a more streamlined user interface, improved file management, and possibly new ways to interact with your files and folders.

Enhanced Voice Access and Narrator Voices

Voice technology is at the forefront of this update. New text authoring experiences are being added to voice access, and the Narrator is receiving an upgrade with new natural voices. This aims to make the user experience more intuitive and accessible, a goal in line with Microsoft’s broader objectives for Windows 11.

Windows Backup: Secure Your Data

Another notable feature is the introduction of Windows Backup. While details are scant at this point, the inclusion of a backup feature could signify Microsoft’s commitment to data security and integrity. Users can likely expect an easy-to-use interface for backing up their valuable data.

Windows Configuration Update via Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR)

The update also introduces a new way to enable features through Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) technology. Users who have the toggle for receiving the latest updates turned on before installing Build 22621.2361 will receive the Windows Configuration Update (KB5030509) in a single reboot. This configuration update serves as the mechanism for enabling new features.

How to Enable New Features

Users who want to get the latest features right away should toggle on the setting for latest updates via Settings > Windows Update before installing the new build. Those who install the update without enabling this toggle will see the new features gradually rolled out to their device over time.

What Lies Ahead: Complete Feature List

While this update has piqued the interest of Windows users, a more complete list of features is expected to be shared next week, on September 26th. This will likely provide a more comprehensive view of what Microsoft has been working on for the Windows 11, version 22H2.

Final Thoughts: A Promising Update

The Windows 11 Build 22621.2361 represents a significant step forward for Microsoft’s flagship operating system. With a focus on enhanced accessibility, modernized interfaces, and data security, this update reflects Microsoft’s commitment to continually improving the Windows experience. While we await the complete list of features, the preview suggests that Windows 11 users have much to look forward to.

Stay tuned for the complete feature list and further insights into how these new additions will shape the future of Windows 11.