In a surprising turn of events, new documents from the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft case have revealed significant details about Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and controller refresh plans. Code-named “Brooklin” and “Sebile,” the new console and controller have been laid bare, showing us a glimpse into the future of Xbox gaming hardware.

A New Era for Xbox Series X: The “Brooklin” Refresh

Image: FTC vs. Microsoft

The leaked internal Microsoft documents confirm that the tech giant is preparing for a significant refresh to its Xbox Series X console, planned for a 2024 launch. The new design is a departure from the existing console, featuring a cylinder-shaped body and an “all-digital” 2TB storage, a substantial upgrade from the current 1TB version.

Besides the storage bump, the new design will also include a USB-C front port with power delivery and Wi-Fi 6E support. Importantly, the console will abandon the traditional disc drive, aligning with the growing trend of digital-only gaming ecosystems.

In terms of efficiency, Microsoft is purportedly shrinking the existing die to 6nm and reducing the PSU power by 15%. Despite these upgrades, Microsoft aims to maintain the Series X’s current $499 launch price.

“Sebile”: The Next-Gen Xbox Controller with Haptic Feedback

Image: FTC v. Microsoft

The upcoming controller, code-named Sebile, is an ambitious overhaul of the existing Xbox gamepad. It will feature a two-tone color scheme and a series of impressive upgrades such as wireless connectivity through Bluetooth 5.2 and an updated “Xbox Wireless 2” standard. But the most eye-catching feature has to be the “precision haptic feedback,” a technology already popularized by Sony’s DualSense controllers.

According to the leaked documents, the Sebile controller will also have Voice-coil actuator (VCA) haptics that can double as speakers. The inclusion of an accelerometer for gyro support and modular thumbsticks point to a more customizable and immersive gaming experience.

The controller will also come with a rechargeable and swappable battery, quieter buttons and thumbsticks, and a “lift to wake” feature. It is expected to be priced at $69.99 and will be compatible across consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

What’s Next for Xbox Series S?

It isn’t just the Series X that’s getting a facelift. Microsoft has also mapped out a refresh for the Xbox Series S, slated for 2024. It will feature Wi-Fi 6E support, Bluetooth 5.2, and 1TB of storage. This new Series S will also be bundled with the revamped Sebile controller.

A Glimpse into the Future

The leaked documents also hint at Microsoft’s broader goals, such as console customization via its Xbox Design Lab and a new Elite controller with the same updates as the Sebile. However, the funding for these ambitious projects is still under discussion within the company.

The roadmap reveals that the new Xbox Series S is tentatively planned for next September, with the Series X refresh to follow in November.

Final Takeaway

These leaked plans offer an exciting preview into the future of Xbox hardware, even if they were disclosed unintentionally. The emphasis on haptic technology, increased storage, and efficiency improvements all signal Microsoft’s vision for a more immersive and streamlined gaming experience. While we await official announcements, this leak has undoubtedly set the gaming community abuzz with speculation and anticipation.