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Tesla Releases Official Powered Rear Liftgate Kit for Older Tesla Model 3 Cars for an Affordable Price With Installation

No More Heavy Lifting: The $800 Solution

Tesla continues its innovative journey by offering a new retrofit upgrade for older Model 3 cars— a powered rear liftgate kit. Priced at $800, this aftermarket solution will be a sigh of relief for many Tesla owners who found the original manual trunk cumbersome. The kit is available on Tesla’s online shop and includes professional installation at a local Tesla Service Center.

Addressing Customer Feedback

When the Tesla Model 3 first hit the roads, it came with a traditional pneumatic extender for the trunk. Many early adopters of the Model 3 found this manual liftgate too heavy and not in line with Tesla’s reputation for convenience and luxury. This led to a surge in customer requests for a powered liftgate, which Tesla subsequently incorporated into Model 3s produced from 2021 onwards. However, owners of older models were left with no official solution, until now.

The Third-Party Dilemma

Before Tesla’s official offering, there were third-party kits available in the $400-$500 range. While less expensive, these kits presented a couple of issues. First, the installation process was complicated, requiring a certain level of expertise. Second, many Tesla owners were hesitant to add third-party components to their vehicles, fearing it might void the warranty or affect the car’s performance.

Tesla’s Answer to an Ongoing Demand

Tesla had previously released a similar retrofit kit in China, priced at about $650. This move was possibly in response to the needs of a Chinese Tesla owner with mobility issues. While this sparked hope for a similar offering in Western markets, it wasn’t until recently that Tesla unveiled the $800 powered liftgate retrofit for the U.S. and Canada.

What Does the Retrofit Kit Offer?

The official Tesla retrofit enables opening and closing the trunk with the simple push of a button. The feature not only adds convenience but also proves beneficial for individuals with reduced mobility. Additionally, the kit allows for remote control via the Tesla app. Forgot to close the trunk after unloading groceries? No problem—you can now do it with a tap on your smartphone screen.

How to Get the Upgrade

Purchasing this upgrade is straightforward. You can either visit Tesla’s Shop website or navigate through the Tesla smartphone app (under Upgrades -> Accessories -> Interior). The price includes shipping the kit to your preferred Tesla Service Center and professional installation. As of now, the retrofit is available in the U.S. and Canada, with no word on its availability in Europe or Australia.

What Lies Ahead

Tesla’s powered liftgate kit isn’t just a retrofit; it’s a direct response to customer demands and a testament to Tesla’s commitment to improving user experience. While not everyone may find the feature essential, its added convenience and potential to aid those with mobility issues make it a valuable addition to Tesla’s growing list of upgrades. As we anticipate more such customer-centric solutions from Tesla, one thing is certain: the automaker continues to pave the way in the realm of electric vehicles and user experience.

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