Microsoft is gearing up for a special event on September 21, where the tech giant is expected to unveil new Surface hardware and delve into upcoming AI capabilities for Windows 11. One of the most anticipated revelations is the Surface Go 4, the next installment in the Surface Go series of hybrid tablets. The new model is set to feature several upgrades, including a noteworthy decision to eliminate the 4GB RAM variant.

RAM Boost: More Power to the Entry-Level

According to insider sources, the Surface Go 4 will start with a minimum of 8GB RAM, officially phasing out the 4GB model. This move likely implies a higher starting price, but it also signals Microsoft’s commitment to delivering a more robust and seamless user experience right out of the box.

Under the Hood: Repairability and Performance

source: WindowsCentral

The Surface Go 4 will come with an Intel N200 processor, an upgrade aimed at enhancing performance. What’s particularly interesting is the device’s redesigned internal layout that improves repairability. Users will be able to replace key components like the motherboard, kickstand, display, and battery. Additionally, the device will support faster UFS storage for the first time, ensuring quicker data transfer speeds.

Voice Clarity AI: A First in the Series

Microsoft is also incorporating Voice Clarity AI capabilities into the Surface Go 4. Although specifics are yet to be revealed, this feature hints at enhanced audio clarity for tasks like video conferencing, an essential consideration for commercial users.

Exclusively for Commercial Customers?

One point to note is that the Surface Go 4 may initially only be available to commercial customers, similar to how the Surface Pro 7+ was launched in 2021. This strategy could be aimed at targeting business users looking for a blend of portability and functionality.

A Quick Look at the Surface Go Evolution

The Surface Go series has been through several iterations since its launch in March 2019. Each model has offered improvements in screen size, battery life, and performance. With the Surface Go 4 expected to launch sometime in 2023, it’s clear that Microsoft is keen on advancing this line of devices, offering more power and features than ever before.

Social Buzz: Mixed Reactions

The leaked specs have elicited a range of reactions on Twitter. While some users see the 8GB RAM as a welcome upgrade, questions linger about compatibility with older accessories and why the device is initially targeted at commercial customers.

Closing Thoughts

While many details are still under wraps, the Surface Go 4 looks poised to elevate the standards of hybrid tablets, especially in terms of performance and repairability. However, the decision to start with 8GB of RAM and focus on commercial customers suggests that Microsoft is narrowing its target market, at least for the initial launch. As we await the official announcement, the Surface Go 4 already shows promise as a versatile device for the modern user.