As Amazon continues to expand its colossal inventory, the challenge of helping customers sift through countless options to find the perfect item has never been more critical. Amazon understands this and has rolled out a variety of innovative search and discovery tools. These features aim to simplify your shopping journey, whether you’re a new parent in need of baby essentials or an influencer scouting the latest beauty trends.

A photo of a person looking at their mobile device. there is an Amazon Store search bar displayed behind them.

New search and discovery tools from Amazon promise to make your shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable.

1. Image + Text Search: For When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Ever found yourself needing a specific part for a home appliance but had no clue what it’s called? Amazon’s enhanced visual search tool has got you covered. You can now combine the power of images and text to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply snap a photo of the item and add text (for example, the brand name) to narrow down the search. This tool eliminates the guesswork, helping you find the most accurate match.

2. Augmented Reality for Your Tabletop

The search experience on Amazon Store.

With Amazon’s “View in Your Room” feature, customers can now visualize how a product will look and fit on their tables or countertops. The feature covers a range of items, from lamps and home décor to small kitchen appliances like toasters. Using augmented reality technology, you can place virtual items on your real-world surfaces to see how they’ll fit and look, ensuring a more confident purchase decision.

3. Sales Trend Data: Popularity at a Glance

The search experience on Amazon Store.

Amazon has introduced sales trend data in search results and on product detail pages. This feature allows you to see how many units of a particular item have been sold recently (e.g., “10K+ bought in past month”). It adds another layer of information to your decision-making process, alongside customer reviews and Best Seller tags.

4. Find-on-Amazon: Share to Search

The search experience on Amazon Store.

The new “Find-on-Amazon” feature allows you to quickly search for products you come across while browsing other apps or websites. Simply tap the “Share” button on the product you’re interested in, choose the Amazon Shopping app, and voila! You’ll be shown similar products on Amazon, making it easier than ever to find what you want.

5. Streamlined Reordering

The search experience on Amazon Store.

For those items you find yourself buying repeatedly, Amazon has streamlined the reordering process. When you search for a previously purchased item, it will appear at the top of the search results along with the date of your last purchase. For frequently reordered items, a thumbnail image will appear in the search bar for quicker access.

Why These Tools Matter

According to a study by Feedvisor, 89% of consumers are more likely to buy from Amazon than other e-commerce sites. Another study by Sellbrite found that 55% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon. These tools are likely to bolster Amazon’s already strong brand loyalty and trust among consumers, reinforcing its position as the go-to online shopping destination.

So, the next time you log into Amazon, be sure to take advantage of these cool new tools designed to make your shopping experience even better.