The curtain had seemed to close on the idea of transforming your mobile device into a full-fledged computer, an ambitious vision that once powered HP’s Elite X3 and its Continuum feature. But with its recent unveiling of the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience for Android, Microsoft is reviving this long-standing dream.

Spearheaded by Catalin Ionescu and Sneha Sultania, this initiative has been deployed as a built-in integration with Lenovo’s ThinkPhone by Motorola. So, is it time to reinvest in the dream of a mobile device that also serves as a complete PC? Let’s delve in.

Effortless Connection: Where Versatility Meets Productivity

“You connect, you work; it’s as simple as that,” says Catalin Ionescu, outlining the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience. It empowers a spectrum of users—be it a remote worker, a field employee, or an executive constantly on the move. Connecting the phone to an external display via USB-C or HDMI, along with an external keyboard and mouse, turns your smartphone into a versatile work hub.

The beauty is in its seamless compatibility with various peripherals, promising an efficient work environment wherever you are. A built-in virtual trackpad adds to the allure, offering a Windows Cloud PC experience that mirrors the familiarity of a traditional Windows setup.

Diving Right In: Your Windows 365 Cloud PCs

The connection doesn’t just stop at hardware. Once signed into your enterprise Microsoft Entra account, you’ll find a list of Cloud PCs available to you on Windows 365. “We’ve designed it so you can dive into your workflows with just one touch,” adds Sneha Sultania. A setting even allows for an automatic connection, for those who appreciate a zero-touch experience.

An Immersive Ecosystem: The Full Windows 11 Experience

Gone are the Android UI elements that often disrupt your workflow. Your Android phone, once connected, adapts to familiar keyboard gestures and allows for a complete Windows 11 experience. This transformative UI brings the power of a full-fledged desktop to your fingertips, allowing for multitasking that includes the ability to make calls and send messages without affecting your Cloud PC session.

Unified Communications: Elevating Microsoft Teams

If Microsoft Teams calls are a frequent part of your workday, the new Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience has you covered. It incorporates your phone’s camera and mic, providing an integrated setup that allows for a seamless switch between devices during calls.

A Look Back at HP’s Continuum Dream

The notion of turning your smartphone into a computer is not entirely new. Back in 2016, the HP Elite X3 and its Laptop Dock aimed to blend the portability of a smartphone with the functionality of a laptop. Despite its discontinuation due to low demand and compatibility issues, the HP Elite X3 and its Laptop Dock are reminiscent of an early ambition that Microsoft is keen to revive. While HP’s offering was more of a niche solution, Microsoft’s recent initiative is broader, aiming to cater to a myriad of users across different business contexts.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft’s Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience is more than just a revisiting of an old dream. It’s an evolution, encapsulating years of technology advancements into a simple, built-in Android experience. With a seamless transition from smartphone to Cloud PC, this new feature might just be the key to unlocking the future of mobile productivity. It’s not just an attempt to bring back a vision of the past, but a step toward shaping how we interact with our devices in the years to come.