Microsoft’s Skype has been a staple in online communication for years, offering video calls, instant messaging, and other features. But the latest Skype Insider build 8.104 brings something new to the table—Bing’s AI-powered Tone Rewrites. This feature promises to elevate your chat experience to new heights, making every message you send a masterpiece. Let’s delve into what this update means for Skype users.

Rewrite As You Write

One of the most innovative features of this update is the “Rewrite As You Write” function. As you start typing a message, Skype will offer you smarter, snappier, or more formal rewrites, depending on your preference. This feature aims to eliminate writer’s block and help you articulate your thoughts more effectively.

Dynamic Overlay and Real-Time Progress

The update also introduces a “Dynamic Overlay” that allows you to select a tone—Professional, Casual, or Witty—and watch your words transform instantly in a pop-up overlay. This overlay also includes a spinner and progress sentences, keeping you updated on the rewrite process in real-time.

Actions in Overlay

What if you change your mind halfway through composing a message? The overlay has you covered. It allows you to:

  • Change Tone: Switch between different tone categories.
  • Copy: Send the rewritten text to your clipboard.
  • Update: Replace your original text with the chosen rewrite.
  • Cancel: Go back to your original text.

Empty State and User Experience

When there’s nothing in the composer, the interface remains clean with no distractions. However, if Bing’s AI has a suggestion, it will pop back up once you start typing, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Additional Features

Aside from the AI-powered rewrites, the update also brings other improvements:

  • Easy Profile Sharing: A new share icon next to the Profile header in the MePanel makes sharing your Skype profile effortless.
  • Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes: Issues requiring sign-in after receiving a call with the Skype app closed on iOS have been fixed, among other stability improvements.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Bing’s AI into Skype is a significant step forward in making online communication more efficient and expressive. With real-time rewrites and dynamic overlays, Skype is setting a new standard for what we can expect from chat applications in the future.