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Facebook News in Europe: A Strategic Shift

Facebook has announced a significant change in its approach to news content in Europe, specifically in the UK, France, and Germany. The social media giant will be deprecating its dedicated “Facebook News” tab in early December. This move is part of Facebook’s broader strategy to focus on products and services that users value the most, such as short-form videos.

The End of Facebook News

Facebook News, a dedicated tab that spotlights news articles, will be deprecated in the UK, France, and Germany. According to Facebook, news makes up less than 3% of what people see in their feed globally, leading the company to conclude that news discovery is a minor part of the user experience on the platform.

Impact on Publishers and Users

The deprecation will not affect other Meta products and services in these countries. European news publishers will still have access to their Facebook accounts and Pages, and they can continue to post links to their stories. News organizations can also leverage other Facebook products like Reels and ads to reach broader audiences.

Future Commitments

While Facebook News will be deprecated, Facebook will honor all existing deals with publishers in these countries until they expire. The company has no plans to enter into new commercial deals for news content in these regions. However, Facebook remains committed to combating misinformation through its global fact-checking network.

Key Takeaways

This decision marks a strategic shift for Facebook in how it handles news content. By focusing on what users want to see more of, such as short-form videos, Facebook aims to enhance user engagement on its platform.

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