In a press release on August 1, Fitbit announced the upcoming launch of a redesigned Fitbit app to enhance user experience. The updated application is scheduled for a fall release and aims to deliver a more personalized, engaging, and motivating content for its 29 million active users worldwide.

The new Fitbit app, scheduled to arrive later this fall, focuses on user-centric design and more motivating content. As part of the initial process, Fitbit has invited select users to try out the app in a limited beta and provide feedback.

A Trio of Tailored Tabs

The revamped app will feature a new three-tab structure – Today, Coach, and You – for easy navigation and access to personalized health and wellness data.

The ‘Today’ tab enables users to view their top stats at a glance, customized based on personal goals — whether that’s increased activity, better sleep, or stress management. The refreshed visual design with consistent charts, graphics, and icons will enable users to better track their health trends.

The ‘Coach’ tab serves as the hub for fitness content. Users can explore a curated list of workouts and mindfulness sessions. Fitbit Premium subscribers will unlock even more content, such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and dance cardio classes. New filters allow users to easily find the content they need based on time and equipment availability.

Finally, the ‘You’ tab will house personal details, goals, community connections, and achievements. Users can reflect on their progress, access assessments and reports, and connect with like-minded individuals through this section.

Streamlined User Experience

Aiming for simplicity and ease of use, Fitbit has refreshed the app’s design based on Google Material Design standards and user feedback. The design features a refined color palette, updated photography, illustrations, and icons that make the app more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Fitbit has also made it easier to log daily health metrics like steps, exercise, and water intake from your phone. Users can track their progress even without a Fitbit device. For those tracking outdoor activities, the updated experience will provide a more accurate step count and a live view of the route.

The new Fitbit app will continue to uphold the stringent privacy and security standards of Google, offering users unified controls to manage their Fitbit data and permissions. Fitbit assures that user health and wellness data will not be used for Google ads and will be kept separate from Google ads data.

Fitbit’s Vision for Healthier World

With its origins back in 2007, Fitbit has come a long way from the Fitbit Classic released in 2009 to a broad range of fitness trackers, smartwatches, and smart scales. With a market share of 22% in the global wearables market as of 2022, Fitbit has evolved into a leading provider of wearable technology.

The updated Fitbit app is part of Fitbit’s vision to help make everyone healthier. Feedback from the beta version of the new app will shape future enhancements of the Fitbit platform, devices, and data.

With Fitbit’s acquisition by Google in January 2021, the redesign of the app could also be viewed as part of Google’s strategy to strengthen its position in the wearables market. As Fitbit continues to innovate, it will be interesting to see how this new app impacts the user experience and the wearable technology landscape.