Fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) have a reason to rejoice as the beloved Final Fantasy XIV Online is officially heading to Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024. Square Enix’s PR Director, Luke Karmali, made the announcement recently, bringing much excitement to the Xbox gaming community.

From Las Vegas to Eorzea

The news broke out during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2023 in Las Vegas, where FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer were present. This marks an important step in the gaming world as one of the most inviting gaming communities prepares to expand its horizons.

The Saga of Final Fantasy XIV Online

If you’re unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XIV Online is a standalone entry in the mainline series. The game takes players on an extraordinary journey in the world of Hydaelyn. With over 27 million adventurers worldwide, players navigate bustling cities, towering forests, and dangerous deserts in a vibrant world continually updated with captivating storylines.

The gameplay extends beyond combating colossal monsters as players’ customized Warrior of Light. The game offers a variety of activities, from gathering materials and crafting items to playing mini-games and mahjong at the Gold Saucer. You can also interact with iconic series features such as Chocobos, Moogles, and Airships, and even purchase a house in the game.

Solo Gameplay with Duty Support System

For players who prefer a solo journey, FFXIV includes the Duty Support system, allowing players to venture with NPC allies instead of other players. By the time the open beta launches, all the main story dungeons from A Realm Reborn through Endwalker can be completed solo, letting players experience the tale of Eorzea at their own pace.

Imminent Open Beta and Free Trial

Final Fantasy XIV Online will launch its open beta on Xbox Series X|S as part of the Patch 6.5x series soon. Along with the eagerly awaited 4K support on Xbox Series X, both consoles will experience faster loading times, optimizing players’ journey in Eorzea.

Furthermore, an Expanded Free Trial of Final Fantasy XIV Online is confirmed to be coming to Xbox Series X|S. Players will have the chance to dive into the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward and Stormblood expansions up to level 70 without restrictions on playtime.

The Adventure Begins on Xbox Series X|S

The coming of Final Fantasy XIV Online to Xbox Series X|S marks the beginning of a new chapter in the franchise’s story. With an open beta on the horizon and a free trial awaiting new adventurers, the world of Hydaelyn is set to see an influx of Xbox gamers soon.

As we count down the days to launch, we eagerly anticipate more information. Until then, in the words of the Square Enix team, “may you ever walk in the light of the Crystal!”

Stay tuned for more updates on Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Xbox journey and prepare to embark on an epic quest in Spring 2024.