Overture Maps Foundation

Back in December 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Meta, Microsoft, and TomTom, via the Linux Foundation, created the Overture Maps Foundation, a new collaborative effort to develop interoperable open map data as a shared asset that can strengthen mapping services worldwide.

Today, the Overture Maps Foundation released its first open map dataset. The Overture 2023-07-26-alpha.0 release includes the following data layers which have been formatted in the OMF’s recently launched data schema that allows developers to ingest and use map data in a standard and interoperable way.

  • Places of Interest: OMF’s Places data layer includes over 59 million POI records that have not previously been released as open data. This dataset, derived from data contributed to OMF by founding members Meta and Microsoft, provides a significant baseline of worldwide places data. The Overture community will combine the best data from all available resources, including open government data, crowdsourced local mapping data, AI/ML techniques and more to improve, update and extend the data on an ongoing basis.
  • Buildings: The OMF’s Buildings layer includes over 780M unique buildings footprints worldwide. This layer has been developed by combining various open data projects including OpenStreetMap, Microsoft AI-Generated building footprints, and Esri.
  • Transportation: The OMF’s Transportation layer represents a worldwide road network derived from data in the OpenStreetMap project. This community-built data has been recast into the Overture data format which provides consistent segmentation of the data and a linear reference system to support additions of data such as speed limits or real-time traffic.
  • Administrative Boundaries: A global open dataset of national and regional administrative boundaries, this boundary data includes regional names which have been translated into over 40 different languages to support international use.

You can download the open map datasets here.