GitHub Copilot Chat

Back in 2021, GitHub announced the technical preview of GitHub Copilot AI pair programmer. Later in 2022, GitHub Copilot was made generally available to all developers for $10 USD per month or $100 USD/year. GitHub Copilot offered AI-based coding suggestions in your preferred environment. Early this year, GitHub announced Copilot X, an AI-powered software development experience. GitHub has now announced the availability of GitHub Copilot Chat beta for organizations around the world using Visual Studio and VS Code.

GitHub Copilot Chat can be contextually aware of the code developer has typed or what error messages are shown. GitHub Copilot Chat comes with the following features:

  • Personalized assistance. GitHub Copilot Chat offers context-specific support to developers. So, whether your engineers are stuck on a particular code snippet or need guidance on a specific programming concept, GitHub Copilot Chat is ready to help.
  • Real-time guidance. GitHub Copilot Chat suggests best practices, tips, and solutions tailored to specific coding challenges—all in real time.
  • Fixing security issues. GitHub Copilot Chat can make suggestions for remediation, helping to reduce the number of vulnerabilities found during security scans.
  • Code analysis. Don’t know what a code block is supposed to do? Ask GitHub Copilot Chat. It can also break down complex concepts and explain code snippets.
  • Simple troubleshooting. Trying to debug code? GitHub Copilot Chat not only identifies issues, but also offers suggestions, explanations, and alternative approaches.

Organizations can enable Copilot Chat by visiting the link here.