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At Inspire 2023, Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Azure Boost, a new system that will deliver improvements in performance, security, and reliability.

Traditionally, virtualization processes including networking, storage, and host management will be handled by the hypervisor and host OS. But in the new Azure Boost these processes will be performed by purpose-built hardware and software to deliver improved network and storage performance, enhanced security and reduces the maintenance impact.

In the preview phase, Microsoft Azure Boost delivers a 200 Gbps networking throughput and a leading remote storage throughput up to 10 GBps and 400K IOPS.

Azure Boost advantages:

  • Azure Boost VMs in preview can achieve up to 200 Gbps networking throughput, marking a significant improvement with a doubling in performance over other existing Azure VMs.
  • Azure Boost enables Azure current customers to achieve an industry leading remote storage throughput and IOPS performance of 10 GBps and 400K IOPS with our memory optimized E112ibsv5 VM using NVMe-enabled Premium SSD v2 or Ultra Disk options.
  • Azure Boost’s isolated architecture inherently improves security by running storage and networking processes separately on Azure Boost’s purpose-built hardware instead of running on the host server.
  • An additional Azure Boost benefit is the reduced downtime needed to complete updates to Azure host infrastructure.  Azure customer workloads increasingly demand high availability, where each second of the infrastructure downtime means greater risks to the Azure customer business.

Azure Boost allows preview users to achieve these advantages through access to experimental SKUs. Interested customers can sign up for Microsoft Azure Boost preview here.