Maybelline Beauty App in Microsoft Teams

The new Maybelline Beauty app in Microsoft Teams allows users to adjust their personal style quickly and easily from directly within a Teams meeting. The virtual makeup looks provide a low-barrier way to try out different styles with the goal of democratizing beauty and representing a broad and diverse population.

The Maybelline Beauty app offers 12 unique looks that users can select from. This app uses AI-powered functionality enabled by Modiface, an augmented reality technology for the beauty industry owned by Maybelline parent company L’Oreal.

Modiface AI identifies over 70 points of the users face to create a “virtual map” that enables the seamless application of the digital filters.

The Maybelline app will be available to all Microsoft Teams enterprise customers in the coming months.

Here’s how you can access the new Maybelline app:

  1. Click on “Join meeting”
  2. Click “Video Effects”
  3. Then “More Video Effects”
  4. Scroll down in the right pane and select “Maybelline” under the “Filters” category
  5. Scroll down to view all and select your favorite look
  6. Click “Join now”