Google Nearby Share for Windows app

Back in April, we reported that Google is expanding its Android Nearby Share feature to Windows computers, enabling users to seamlessly transfer files between Android devices and Windows PCs. The company launched Nearby Share in 2020 as a simple and efficient method to share files across Android devices and with nearby friends. Today, this feature is available on nearly 3 billion active Android devices, including phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

Use Nearby Share to share images, videos, documents, and more between Windows computers and Android devices that are close together.

Google today announced that Nearby Share app is now available for Windows PCs. Since the app was launched in beta in April, Google has made no.of improvements to the app. With the general availability, Google is adding two new features:

  • Neayby Share app now displays estimated time for file transfers to be completed. This can be helpful when you’re sending large files like videos or entire folders and want to see how quickly it will be shared.
  • There is also now an image preview within device notifications to help you confirm that the correct file is being shared.

Google is also working with Windows OEMs like HP to include the Nearby Share app on select Windows PCs. You can download the Nearby Share app here for Windows PCs. Windows PCs (i.e. desktops and laptops) running a 64-bit version of Windows 10 and up are supported for this new app. Windows on ARM devices are not supported.