Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining

At Inspire 2023, Microsoft had two major announcements related to Power Platform.

First, Power Automate Process Mining will become generally available on August 1, 2023.  Power Automate Process Mining extracts event data from system of records, it visualizes the processes happening in the organization, allowing organizations to customize their process mining reports, compare processes, determine the root cause of inefficiencies, and monitor KPIs. Power Automate Process Mining will be available as part of the new Power Automate Premium license.

Second, Microsoft announced changes to Power Platform licensing, find the details below:

  • Customers will be able to buy “Power Automate Premium” (the former “Power Automate Attended RPA per user”) for USD15* per user per month. This license will continue to include both unlimited cloud flows, known as digital process automation (DPA), and unlimited desktop flows, known as robotic process automation (RPA) in attended mode as well as entitlements to Power Automate Process Mining.
  • We are introducing a new “Power Automate Process” license that gives customers access to an automation ‘bot’ which can be used for unattended desktop automation (RPA), or to run an organization-wide cloud-flow based process that needs to be accessed by unlimited users in an organization.
  • Organizations can get started with Power Automate Process Mining by subscribing to the new Power Automate Premium license. We will also offer the “Power Automate Process Mining add-on” for additional capacity at a price of USD5,000* per tenant per month with entitlements of 100 GB Process Mining data storage.
  • The “Power Apps per user” license will be renamed to “Power Apps Premium.” There are no other changes to Power Apps.

Microsoft will share more details on Power Platform at the second annual Microsoft Power Platform Conference taking place in October 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.