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Microsoft Announces Classwork: A One-Stop Shop for Organizing Class Resources in Teams for Education

Microsoft is set to revolutionize the education sector with its latest addition to Teams for Education – Classwork. As of today, the tech giant has announced that the new application, designed to enhance lesson planning and resource organization, is now available to all Teams for Education customers.

Classwork – Streamlining Education Resources

Classwork promises to be a one-stop solution for educators, providing an organized space for Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels. Teachers no longer need to juggle multiple applications and platforms to find or share resources. Classwork allows educators to create a comprehensive view of content and resources, which students can access and navigate seamlessly.

The application’s design is a clear nod towards time and effort efficiency. Educators can save significant time by having all their class resources in one place. Furthermore, Classwork enables teachers to publish and pin modules of study, thereby keeping students informed, engaged, and on track with their learning.

Whether you’re teaching in-person or online, Classwork is a versatile and valuable tool that will assist in maintaining an organized class and ensuring your students stay on course.

Future Enhancements

Microsoft plans to augment Classwork’s functionality further by introducing the ability to reuse modules from previous classes or terms later this year. This feature will allow educators to save time when setting up their Teams and offer the opportunity to refine their lesson plans annually, enhancing the teaching and learning experience in Teams for Education.

Getting Started with Classwork

As of today, Classwork is available to all Teams for Education users. To use Classwork, you simply need to open or create a new Class Team and select the Classwork application.

Microsoft is encouraging users to try out Classwork and provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the product through their Feedback Portal.

For a detailed overview of the Classwork functionalities, check out the new tutorial video on Microsoft Teams. The video offers a comprehensive end-to-end demonstration of how to use the new Classwork feature in Teams for Education.

From an educator’s perspective, the video tutorial shows how to create, organize, publish, and pin modules, and how to add resources such as files, assignments, OneNote pages, links to channels, and external sites. The tutorial also presents the upcoming ability to reuse modules.

From a student’s perspective, it offers a glimpse of the Classwork view, including how to navigate modules and access various resources.

By developing Classwork for Teams for Education, Microsoft has taken another step in providing effective and user-friendly tools to enhance the educational experience for teachers and students alike. Now, with all educational resources in one place, teaching and learning can be more seamless than ever before.

Classwork should appear automatically in all Class Teams unless an IT Admin has explicitly disabled the app.

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