VMWare Fusion 2023 Mac Windows 11

Back in July 2022, VMware first announced that VMware Fusion on the Mac will add support for Windows 11 on ARM. Since then, VMWare has released updates to improve the performance of Windows 11 on ARM running on Apple Mac devices.

Today, VMWare announced a major update for VMware Fusion. The new VMWare Fusion Tech Preview 2023 will significantly improve the experience with Windows 11 on Fusion on Macs with Apple silicon and the new macOS Sonoma.

The new VMWare Fusion preview adds full 3D hardware accelerated graphics support for Windows 11 on Arm running on Macs with Apple silicon. This allows users to run full DirectX 11 3D games and apps.

VMWare Fusion team claims that the UI is much more responsive, and when combined with autofit, resolution changes are nearly instant.

With this support, you can run emulated 32-bit and 64-bit Windows DirectX games on Apple Macs.

This Fusion preview also adds support for fast drag-and-drop, clipboard sharing between the Mac and Windows 11, autofit that instantly resizes the resolution when you drag the console window, security improvements and more.

You can download the new Fusion Tech Preview using the below link: