Microsoft PowerPoint Forms present mode

Microsoft has now introduced a highly anticipated Forms Present mode feature in PowerPoint. This new feature will enable PowerPoint presenters to engage their audience in real-time by incorporating surveys or quizzes into their PPTs.

To use this feature, you can insert a form/quiz into your PowerPoint slides by clicking Forms icon in the “Insert” tab. In the sidebar that appears, you will have the option to insert a new form/quiz or insert an existing form/quiz.

There are two ways to insert a Form in your slide:

  • Present for interaction meeting – To engage with the audience directly in the meeting with live results.
  • Collect responses offline – Will redirect you to the form runtime, where you can proceed to submit your response.

With “Present for interaction meeting” feature, the form will be displayed in Present mode which is a live web form. Through QR code or short URL, others can respond immediately.

With “Collect responses offline” feature, you will provide a way to fill in the form directly within the slide. This allows recipients to provide responses later.

thumbnail image 3 captioned Present for interactive meeting