Microsoft Azure Pinecone vector database

Pinecone, the vector database startup that offers long-term memory for AI, today announced it will be available on Microsoft Azure. Until now, Pinecone was only available on GCP and AWS. With this availability, Azure customers now use a fully managed vector database for their data and applications.

“We have seen a tremendous build-up of demand for our managed vector database from enterprises that require their infrastructure services to run on Microsoft Azure,” said Edo Liberty, Founder & CEO of Pinecone. “Thanks to our collaboration with Microsoft, we are thrilled to finally unlock access to Pinecone for Azure customers.”

“Demand for vector databases is growing alongside that of Generative AI, as companies rush to build safe and accurate AI applications connected to their own data,” said John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President of Program Management, AI Platform at Microsoft. “That’s why we’re thrilled our customers can now run the Pinecone vector database in the Azure cloud, alongside Azure OpenAI Service and the rest of their AI workflows.”

Support for Pinecone on Azure regions is now available in private preview for all Standard and Enterprise users.

Azure support for Pinecone will be available for private preview users by July 31. Pinecone will support Azure’s “eastus” region first. Additional regions will be added over time. You can apply for early access here.