Google Bard response tone

Google Bard is receiving a major update including support for new languages, ability to add images, customizable response and more. This is Bard’s biggest expansion to date. Find the details below.

Expanded availability:

  • Bard is now available in over 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi and Spanish.
  • Bard is now available in more countries including Brazil and across Europe.

Customized responses:

  • You can now change the tone and style of Bard’s responses. There are five options: simple, long, short, professional or casual. This feature is live in English and will be available in more languages soon.

  • You can now listen to Bard’s responses. You can just enter a prompt and tap the sound icon to hear Bard’s answers. This audio feature is now available in over 40 languages.

Improved usability:

  • You can pin and rename your conversations with Bard.
  • A new feature that allows you to export Python code to Replit, in addition to Google Colab.
  • With shareable links, you can share your ideas and creations with others.
  • You can now upload images with prompts and Bard will analyze the photo to help. This feature is now available for English language users, and will be available for more languages soon.

You can check out Google Bard here.