Gaming giant Xbox has launched an innovative voice reporting feature to enhance player safety during in-game voice chats on multiplayer games. This is a significant advancement for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users, marking a big step forward in the company’s commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive gaming environment.

Empowering Players with Voice Reporting

Unveiled by Dave McCarthy, CVP of Xbox Player Services, the feature empowers players to “capture now, report later” by recording any inappropriate verbal behavior they encounter in multiplayer voice chats, minimizing disruption to their gaming experience. With this new system, players have a more comprehensive evidence submission platform that accommodates text, image, video, and now voice. This new function will first be available to Xbox Insiders for testing and feedback.

Targeting In-Game Voice Chat

After careful consideration, the Xbox team decided to target in-game chat, a platform where players frequently interact with individuals beyond their friend networks. The introduction of this feature across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One offers robust protection during any multiplayer in-game chat. The voice reporting tool significantly aids the Xbox Safety Team, providing more context during their enforcement process and enhancing adherence to Community Standards.

A Collaborative Approach to Safety

Xbox sought community input in developing this feature, consulting with a diverse range of community members and Xbox Ambassadors, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“Implementing voice moderation is a huge step in keeping the community at Xbox safer. I feel more confident knowing that Xbox has gone a step further to ensure we experience a positive environment not just through text chat, but through voice chat as well,” said Xbox Ambassador SammieChaos. This sentiment was echoed by other Ambassadors who believe Xbox’s proactive approach to safety reassures players of their commitment to reducing online toxicity.

The voice reporting tool will initially be available in English-speaking regions including the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Xbox is actively investing in extending language support for this feature.

Seamless Reporting and Privacy Assurance

Reactive voice reporting on Xbox is designed for ease of use with minimal gameplay impact. Players can capture and report at their discretion, with complete control over what they choose to record. The recorded content is solely for moderation purposes, ensuring privacy by limiting access to the player until submission. The clip remains on the player’s console for 24 hours, during which they can choose to submit or allow it to be automatically erased. Xbox ensures that players’ data are protected and secure in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

The Importance of Active Allyship

Xbox emphasizes the role of every player in fostering a safer, more inclusive community. Through active allyship, they encourage players to support each other and report toxic behaviors. This approach is crucial in their ongoing efforts to enhance community safety measures. As this feature is deployed and used, Xbox plans to share updates in their bi-annual Transparency Report.

These efforts align with Xbox’s broader mission to empower players to have safer, more inclusive gaming experiences, ultimately ensuring that the thrilling world of gaming remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

For more information or to provide feedback on this feature, Xbox invites players to participate in the Xbox Insiders program, join the Xbox Ambassadors community, or visit the Xbox Support website. Further safety resources can also be found within the Xbox Community Standards and Xbox Transparency Report.