Microsoft Visual Studio Code Dot NET MAUI

Microsoft is porting more C# related features from Visual Studio to Visual Studio Code. Last month, Microsoft released preview of C# Dev Kit that brings improved C# development in Visual Studio Code with a Solution Explorer, native Test Explorer, AI-powered code authoring, and more. Yesterday, Microsoft released the preview of the .NET MAUI extension that will allow developers to develop cross-platform .NET mobile and desktop apps with VS Code on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

.NET MAUI extension offers the following:

  • IntelliSense code-completion for C#
  • AI-assisted features such as whole-line completions and starred suggestions as you type.
  • Lightweight syntax highlighting and autocomplete for XAML
  • Supports debugging of following device targets:
    • On Windows, you can debug to your local Windows machine, Android emulators, and Android devices
    • On macOS, you can debug locally on your Mac, on iOS simulators or devices, and Android emulators or devices
    • On Linux, you can debug to Android emulators and devices

.NET MAUI extension is free for individuals, as well as academia and open-source development. For organizations, it is included with Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

You can download .NET MAUI extension here.

“Visual Studio continues to be our premier C# development tool, supporting the full range of .NET workloads and project types. C# Dev Kit and the .NET MAUI extensions are exciting steps for us to bring .NET development productivity to other parts of the Visual Studio product family,” wrote Maddy Montaquila Senior Product Manager, .NET MAUI.