Microsoft KPMG

Yesterday, Microsoft and KPMG announced expanded partnership that will reshape professional services across workforce modernization, safe and secure development, and use of AI solutions for clients. As part of this partnership, KPMG has signed a multibillion dollar commitment in Microsoft cloud and AI services over the next 5 years. KPMG will be using Microsoft cloud and Azure OpenAI Service to empower both its employees and its clients.

The expanded alliance will enhance KPMG client engagements and supercharge the employee experience in a way that is responsible, trustworthy and safe.

“Our renewed and strengthened relationship with Microsoft is an exciting moment for our people and our clients. It will help harness the power of our multidisciplinary model by ensuring that our people always have the right expertise, skills, and tools to overcome challenges and provide the very best advice to clients. It will also help make KPMG a more agile and resilient business that continues to be an interesting and exciting place to work, said Bill Thomas, Global Chairman and CEO, KPMG International.

“We have a real opportunity to apply this next generation of AI to help transform every industry, including professional services. Our expanded partnership with KPMG will bring together AI innovation across the Microsoft Cloud with KPMG’s tax, audit and advisory expertise to empower its employees and unlock insights for its customers,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft.

Here are some of the ways this expanded partnership with Microsoft will benefit KPMG firms’ core business areas:

  • With the integration of Microsoft Fabric, KPMG teams will have the ability to directly point to client data instead of having to ingest it, which is a key component to helping enable KPMG professionals to perform audits on a more real time basis.
  • Integrating Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Fabric into KPMG Digital Gateway, a KPMG single platform solution, will give clients access to the full suite of KPMG Tax & Legal technologies, and allow them to gain more integrated and transparent access to their data and take a more holistic management approach to their tax functions.
  • Developing an AI-enabled application development and knowledge platform on Microsoft Azure will expedite the creation of specialized solutions for clients, helping to enhance their competitive advantage and profitability while putting ethics and security at the very core of the offerings.
  • KPMG professionals will work together with Microsoft to help support businesses with their ESG agendas.
  • KPMG and Microsoft will continue to explore and participate in joint opportunities where they can work together to drive social and community impact worldwide.