Google NotebookLM

During Google I/O 2023, Google first revealed Project Tailwind, an experimental service from Google Labs. Today, Google announced that Project Tailwind now has a name, NotebookLM.

NotebookLM uses the power of language models on your existing content to gain critical insights. Instead of a generic chatbot like ChatGPT or Bing Chat, NotebookLM is a virtual research assistant that can summarize facts, explain ideas, and brainstorm new connections based on the sources you refer to.

NotebookLM grounds the language model in your notes and sources to make the information relevant to you. For now, you can ground NotebookLM in specific Google Docs that you choose, and Google will add support for other content in the future.

Right now, NotebookLM offers the following:

  • Get a summary: When you first add a Google Doc into NotebookLM, it will automatically generate a summary, along with key topics and questions to ask so you get a better understanding of the material.
  • Ask questions: When you’re ready for a deeper dive, you can ask questions about the documents you’ve uploaded. For example:
    • A medical student could upload a scientific article about neuroscience and tell NotebookLM to “create a glossary of key terms related to dopamine”
    • An author working on a biography could upload research notes and ask a question like: “Summarize all the times Houdini and Conan Doyle interacted.”
  • Generate ideas: NotebookLM isn’t just for Q&A. We’ve found some of its more delightful and useful capabilities are when it’s able to help people come up with creative new ideas. For example:
    • A content creator could upload their ideas for new videos and ask: “Generate a script for a short video on this topic.”
    • Or an entrepreneur raising money could upload their pitch and ask: “What questions would potential investors ask?”

NotebookLM is now available to a small group of users in the U.S.