GitHub Passwordless Authentication

Today, GitHub announced that they are adding passkey authentication support for secure access on This feature is now available in public beta. Passkey enables passwordless authentication to and it is unique per website, so it cannot be used to track your activities across different sites.

Here’s how you can setup passkeys on GitHub:

  • To use passkeys with your GitHub account, navigate to your ‘Settings’ sidebar, locate the ‘Feature Preview’ tab, and click ‘enable passkeys’.
  • Once you’ve enabled passkeys, you’ll be able to upgrade eligible security keys to passkeys and register new passkeys.
  •  If you’re in the feature preview, GitHub will ask your browser during sign in if you’re able to set up a passkey.

Similar to passwords, passkeys can also be synced across devices. Depending on the passkey provider, your passkey can be synced. For example, iCloud account will sync passkeys from iOS to macOS, Google Password Manager syncs across your Android devices, and password managers like 1Password or Dashlane can also sync passkeys.