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Microsoft Introduces Recording Studio in PowerPoint for Mac: A Revolutionary Way to Elevate Presentations

In a bid to transform the way presentations are created and shared, Microsoft has announced a novel feature – the Recording Studio in PowerPoint for Mac. This promising feature seems poised to bid adieu to static slides and infuse them with the dynamism and appeal of video content.

This new feature comes as a response to the growing need for asynchronous communication tools that allow for more flexible, individualized work schedules. Recording Studio enables users to record and share their presentations at their own pace, in their own words, and within their own space, without the stress of coordinating schedules or finding the ideal meeting time.

Here’s a walkthrough of how it works:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to record a video for.
  2. In the top-right corner, select the Record button, or choose from options such as Record > From Beginning or Record > From Current Slide.
  3. To create more engaging camera layouts, users can design their slides with cameo objects by selecting Record > Cameo.
  4. Personalize the recording view by selecting Views and refer to your script while recording by opting for Views > Teleprompter.
  5. Choose to record either your video or just the audio using the Camera and Microphone buttons.
  6. Blur the background to help viewers focus on the core message by selecting Camera > Blur Background.
  7. Once ready, hit the Record button to start capturing your presentation.
  8. Preview your recorded video with the Play button. Users unhappy with their recordings can delete and re-record as needed.
  9. Once satisfied, select Record > Export as Video to share your presentation as a video.

Microsoft also offers useful tips and tricks, including keyboard shortcuts to streamline the recording process in Recording Studio. Notably, users can correct any typo and export the corrected version without needing to re-record their entire video.

Recording Studio does have a few prerequisites. It requires a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone for recording audio or video. Moreover, users need to grant camera permission to PowerPoint in their computer’s privacy settings.

The new feature is currently rolling out to Insiders running Beta Channel Version 16.75 (Build 23060201) or later. As with all new features, Microsoft plans to release it gradually to ensure smooth functionality.

Microsoft has always valued user feedback and iterated its features accordingly. Therefore, they encourage users to share their experience with Recording Studio and contribute to its continuous improvement.

Read more detail at Microsoft here.

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