Microsoft Entra ID Azure AD

Microsoft today announced a big branding change for enterprise customers. Azure AD, Microsoft’s popular cloud-based Active Directory product is becoming Microsoft Entra ID. Last year, Microsoft introduced Entra branding for its identity and access management solutions. During launch, Entra included Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, and Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Later, Microsoft expanded the Microsoft Entra family with Microsoft Entra ID Governance and Microsoft Entra Workload ID.

To make it consistent with rest of the products in the ENTRA lineup, Microsoft is rebranding Azure AD as Entra ID.

This is just a name change. There will be no changes to capabilities, licensing, or pricing. In fact, even the Azure AD URLs, APIs and authentication libraries are staying the same, along with developer experiences.

This new name change will roll out across all Microsoft products and experiences throughout the second half of 2023. IT Admins need not take any action in response to this name change. Azure AD plans will have the following rebranding:

  • Azure AD Free becomes Microsoft Entra ID Free.
  • Azure AD Premium P1 becomes Microsoft Entra ID P1.
  • Azure AD Premium P2 becomes Microsoft Entra ID P2.
  • Azure AD External Identities becomes Microsoft Entra External ID.