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Rumor Has It: Apple’s Secret Strategy to Dominate the VR Scene

A flurry of internet chatter has given rise to tantalizing speculations about Apple’s ambitious plans for the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro. In a tweet that has since gained massive traction, film maker David Altizer hinted at the tech giant discreetly shooting all their Apple TV+ shows with 180 VR camera technology. This revelation, if confirmed, could change the face of virtual reality content, as we know it.

Altizer (@dvdaltizer), has tweeted that Apple may have been shooting their Apple TV+ shows in 180 VR. While some users questioned the legitimacy of the leaked photo of the alleged 180-camera rig, Altizer coyly responded, “Who knows what’s in the box.”

Bilawal Sidhu (@bilawalsidhu), another tech commentator, supported this claim, suggesting that Apple is indeed “betting big on VR180 content.” According to Sidhu, 180 VR, being stereoscopic and easier to capture than 360, could efficiently exploit the ultra-high-resolution displays of the soon-to-launch Vision Pro. Sidhu conjectured that a RED camera and Canon 180 lens might be the components under the hood of the rumored VR camera.

Apple Vision Pro

Even more exciting is Sidhu’s claim that Apple has created a VR capture platform based on Apple’s computation photography pipeline. This suggests that Apple isn’t solely relying on third-party tech but is also innovating in-house to bolster its VR ambitions.

These rumors suggest a well-calculated move by Apple in the VR content arena. With its foray into mixed reality through the Apple Vision Pro, Apple may just be preparing a stash of high-quality, immersive content that takes full advantage of the Vision Pro’s advanced features.

Launched on June 5, 2023, the Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that boasts a fully three-dimensional user interface, controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. Powered by the spatial operating system visionOS, this device claims to offer ultra-high-resolution display, Apple’s first 3D camera, and an advanced Spatial Audio system.

Apple has promised an array of immersive experiences with Vision Pro, including Apple Immersive Video, offering 180-degree high-resolution recordings with Spatial Audio. The possibility of having Apple’s existing TV+ shows shot in 180 VR would seamlessly align with this feature.

If the rumor holds, it would be an impressive demonstration of forward-thinking and strategic planning from the tech giant. It indicates that Apple is not just focused on creating cutting-edge hardware, but also on pioneering a rich ecosystem of content that exploits the full potential of their technology.

However, until the official word comes from Cupertino, these remain exciting, yet unconfirmed, possibilities. But given Apple’s history of shaking up industries, it wouldn’t be surprising if these speculations turn out to be more than just rumors. After all, in the tech world, where there’s smoke, there’s often a groundbreaking product. Stay tuned for more updates.

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