Microsoft Windows 365 app

Back in April, Microsoft announced the expansion of Windows 365 with the introduction of Windows 365 Frontline. Windows 365 Frontline is designed to provide frontline workers, who often feel underserved in terms of technology experiences, with access to personalized Windows apps, settings, and data. The platform enables organizations to better meet the IT and workplace experience needs of their entire workforce, including part-time and shift workers. Microsoft today announced the general availability of Windows 365 Frontline.

With Windows 365 Frontline, organizations need not purchase a Cloud PC for every employee. Instead, they can purchase Cloud PCs for the maximum number of active users at any given time. Also, Windows 365 Frontline also doesn’t require scheduling employees; it’s automated so workers can log on and off as their shift starts and ends.

Windows 365 Frontline PCs can be managed with Microsoft Intune alongside other Cloud PCs and physical PCs. Frontline employees can access their Frontline Cloud PC using Windows 365 app or only. Frontline Cloud PCs are not accessible from Remote Desktop App.

Windows 365 Frontline features:

  • Windows Update optimizations for Frontline Cloud PCs: Many shift workers perform mission critical jobs. This feature works together with Windows Update for Business to apply OS reboots outside of work hours when the user disconnects, increasing their productivity and minimizing disruption.
  • Coming soon: Windows 365 will detect Frontline Cloud PCs that have not been Powered on for 30 days and will perform updates according to the organization’s policies, keeping occasional users or employees productive when they log on next by keeping their Cloud PC up to date outside of work hours.
  • Coming soon: Based on shift patterns, Windows 365 Frontline will Power on automatically prior to the user connecting for their workday. In addition, Windows 365 Frontline will detect shift change overlap and provide the end user with a short period of buffer over max concurrency. This functionality will reduce the delay for the user, letting them be productive immediately at the start of their shift.
  • Coming soon: Windows 365 Boot makes it easier for people to log on to their Windows 11 experience on their Cloud PC. It’s already available on Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs in preview and will be coming soon to Frontline Cloud PCs too, helping frontline, shift, and part time workers become productive from the moment they logon.

You can learn more about Windows 365 Frontline here.