Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and financial intelligence company Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) have announced a new strategic partnership aimed at delivering next-generation data, analytics, research, collaboration, and risk solutions. The partnership, harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service and Moody’s proprietary data, aims to improve insights into corporate intelligence and risk assessment, ultimately empowering financial services and knowledge workers globally.

An Alliance Rooted in Advanced Technology

The newly forged alliance will co-create new products and services centered on research and risk assessment. The initiatives will be constructed on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, enabling enhanced data and risk management. The collaboration will extend to Moody’s 14,000 global employees, who will utilize an internal copilot tool dubbed “Moody’s CoPilot.” This tool will integrate Moody’s proprietary data, analytics, and research with Microsoft’s generative AI technology and large language models (LLMs), driving innovation and enhancing productivity within a safe, secure digital sandbox.

Microsoft Teams Video Filters

Moreover, Moody’s will adopt Microsoft Teams to offer a new platform enhancing collaboration, productivity, and communication for its knowledge workers and customers. In addition, Microsoft will leverage Moody’s solutions, including Moody’s Orbis database, one of the world’s most comprehensive databases on companies, for internal use and co-innovations.

Unveiling Enhanced Solutions

The partnership also promises to deliver data to shared customers through Microsoft Fabric, a new analytics platform designed for comprehensive data management. Moody’s has committed to using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to support its expanding suite of generative AI capabilities and cloud-based applications.

Rob Fauber, CEO of Moody’s Corporation, commented on the partnership, stating, “Generative AI represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance how companies navigate the ever-evolving world of exponential risk. By combining Microsoft’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with our proprietary data, research, and analytics, Moody’s is positioned to lead the next generation of risk analysis.”

Moody’s Research Assistant: A New Copilot Tool

The partnership will also unveil “Moody’s Research Assistant,” a new copilot tool for customers. This tool will compile and summarize complex information from multiple data sources, leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and available through multiple channels, including Microsoft Teams. The tool’s anticipated uses include generating custom, detailed analyses of a company or sector by seamlessly combining data from across multiple dimensions.

Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft, affirmed, “Our partnership will bring together world-class insights from Moody’s with the capabilities, trust, and breadth of Microsoft Cloud — including Azure OpenAI Service, Fabric, and Teams — to enable next-gen solutions that will unlock powerful business intelligence and transform productivity and collaboration.”

Microsoft Teams: A Platform for Collaboration and Productivity

In a bid to enhance its collaboration and productivity, Moody’s will leverage Microsoft Teams as a platform for its knowledge workers and customers. With the integration of Moody’s copilot tools, Teams will automate and streamline manual workflows, provide efficient access to data and content, and synthesize and summarize information from multiple data sets.

This strategic partnership heralds an era of advanced solutions for risk management, data and analytics, research, and collaboration. By combining Microsoft’s generative AI technology with Moody’s data and analytics prowess, the companies aim to set a new standard for integrated risk analysis.