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Bing Preview AI App Introduces Sports Enhancements and Bing Image Creator in Skype: A Closer Look

Microsoft’s Bing team has announced several exciting updates to its Bing Preview AI app in a blog post dated June 30, 2023. The updates highlight new AI-powered shopping tools for Bing and Edge, including Buying Guides and Review Summaries, improved sports answers, integration with Windows Copilot, and the availability of the Bing Image Creator in Skype.

AI-powered Shopping Tools

The AI-powered shopping tools are set to revolutionize the online shopping experience. The Buying Guides feature will provide users with an in-depth look at products, offering comparisons and detailed reviews to aid in informed decision-making. Similarly, the Review Summaries will summarize multiple online reviews, extracting key insights about a product.

Integration with Windows Copilot

This announcement coincides with the release of Build 23493 for Windows Insiders, which includes the new feature, Windows Copilot. This addition brings Bing Chat directly into the Windows experience, allowing users to ask the AI for assistance with a variety of tasks, from switching to dark mode to story crafting. This marks a major step towards integrating AI-powered assistants more deeply into our everyday computing environments.

Sports Answers Enhancements

The update also brings enhancements to sports-related inquiries on Bing Chat. Whether users are looking to find out about the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule or are curious about the next Angels vs. White Sox game, Bing Chat now supports a broader range of team sports, offering more comprehensive and accurate responses.

Bing Image Creator in Skype

Perhaps one of the most exciting features in this update is the introduction of Bing Image Creator in Skype. With this feature, users can generate images directly in their Skype conversations, adding a new level of creativity and fun to their chats. For instance, one could ask Bing to “generate an image of a koala bear meditating in a forest in the style of Pablo Picasso.”

Latency Improvements

In response to user feedback, Bing has also made performance improvements that reduce latency spikes for certain chat answers. This is part of Microsoft’s commitment to continually enhance the user experience and performance of Bing’s AI-powered services.

The Bing team ended the announcement by encouraging users to continue providing feedback, underscoring Microsoft’s commitment to a user-centric approach in refining and enhancing their AI-powered products.

As AI continues to evolve, updates like these underscore the potential of integrating AI into our digital tools. The Bing team is demonstrating its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI can do, bringing innovative features and improvements that enhance user experience and make our digital lives more efficient and enjoyable.

Bing’s recent updates are a hint of what’s to come as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our digital tools, offering an exciting glimpse into the future of technology.

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