In an announcement today, Microsoft has revealed a significant rebranding effort, transforming Yammer’s web experience into Viva Engage. This transformation is not merely cosmetic but also extends to the tool’s functionality, targeting a more efficient and interactive digital workspace.

Viva Engage is the new brand identity that will replace the Yammer SharePoint web part, Yammer Embed, Outlook notifications, and Yammer mobile app. The rebranding is a part of Microsoft’s broader effort to streamline its suite of digital productivity tools and to improve user experience.

Existing Yammer Desktop Progressive Web App (PWA) users will receive a prompt when they open the app, urging them to reinstall it. Following user approval, the app will then be renamed “Viva Engage (Yammer)”. However, if users notice the app still displays the old Yammer logo, they will need to manually uninstall and reinstall it again to reflect the new brand.

thumbnail image 2 captioned Users may have to uninstall the desktop app to see new changes reflected.

Microsoft has also made it clear that URL domains and APIs will not experience this rebranding until the end of the calendar year. However, users need not worry about redirection as URLs will automatically redirect to the appropriate location. Notably, Yammer will still appear as the sender for Outlook notifications, but these emails will now contain the Viva Engage branding.

To ensure a smooth transition, Microsoft has provided a rebranding toolkit, making it easier for businesses to communicate the changes to their employees. Microsoft is committed to helping users adapt to these changes without much disruption.

For community updates, the Viva Engage Blog will take over as the platform to share blogging updates and product news. Users can engage in discussion boards, discover recent announcements, and be a part of the Viva Engage community. The company is also planning a community event on July 11 where users can ask questions and learn more about what’s coming next with the rebranding.

As the curtains draw on Yammer, the company thanks its dedicated users for their continual engagement, creativity, and loyalty over the years. While the content on the Yammer blog will be archived, Microsoft looks forward to what’s on the horizon with Viva Engage and encourages all its users to continue sharing, commenting, and being part of this new chapter.