Microsoft Windows 365 app

Microsoft’s future plans regarding Windows got revealed yesterday via an internal document presented during the FTC vs Microsoft trial going on in the US. The internal presentation is about Modern Life division’s (which includes Windows, Surface, Xbox, Bing and others) strategy and priorities.

For the short term, Microsoft is focusing on two things. One is two grow the number of Windows 11 PCs, increase the usage and make it popular among developers. Second, increase the usage of services such as Microsoft 365, Xbox Game Pass, Edge/Bing.

Microsoft Windows 365 Consumers

For the long term, things are interesting. Microsoft wants to expand the current Windows 365 service to consumers as well. Microsoft wants to enable a full Windows OS streamed from cloud to any device. Using the power of cloud and client to deliver AI-powered services with full support for roaming between devices.

Microsoft is also working to improve competitiveness of Windows PCs through investments and partnerships in silicon. This seems to be in direct response to Apple’s M-series silicon powered devices. Qualcomm is planning to release a new Snapdragon chipset for PCs powered by new Oryon CPUs that will deliver performance comparable to Apple Silicon devices. Microsoft is working closely with Qualcomm to have a great Windows experience on this new silicon and will also release Surface devices based on this new chipset.